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About Training Gurukul :

Looking for business training DVDs? We offer a range of popular DVDs & videos that can be used as stand-alone training resources or as part of wider courses.

Our range of training materials cover areas such as insurance, sales, motivational, entrepreneur, change management, network marketing, leadership, cultural diversity, etiquette, customer service, team-building, management, human resources and business skills.

To discover more about each title, simply click through where you will find some details of the DVD contents, a preview, an info sheet and details on how to order.

Training Gurukul’s DVDs will help you learn and develop professional skills to work in a competitive environment. Whether you need to work as a team to achieve common goals, win over or retain customers, make that perfect sale, or lead your team from the front, these useful motivational and practical DVDs are just what you need to take the road to success.

Our basket contains 200+ DVD and ACD Titles to cater to any of the personal and Professional need of Individuals or organizations:

Great Opportunity to develop your above skills using our DVD as it contains lecture related to various business strategies given below:

1. Entrepreneurship Skills
2. Customer Service Skills
3. Time Management Skills
4. Communication Skills
5. Sales Management Skills
6. Business Skills
7. Employments Training Skills
8. Leadership Skills
9. and Much More

Turn your company training room, or your own living room, into a success and achievement seminar with these affordable, world-class video seminars on DVD. Exploring timely topics with these live seminar recordings will help to train, inspire, and motivate yourself and your organization.

About Santosh Nair :


Founder, Chairman & Chief Mentor (CCM), Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer (CKLO) & Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Smmart Training & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Santosh Nair’s Knowledge Products & Merchandise Pvt. Ltd.

If there is a speaker in India of world repute who can hold the audience to their seats for hours and hours together without they even getting up, it is none other than T.I.G.E.R. SANTOSH NAIR. The reason why he ticks is his tremendous command over the languages.

His command over our national language Hindi is the best that any speaker could have, at the same time the sophistication with which he delivers his talk in English is also commendable.

He enthralls an elite crowd with the same flair, classiness and style as a common man’s forum. He has the rare ability to bring romance, passion and fun in all his sessions, be it in any language – Hindi, English or Malayalam. His power of communication is such, that his words just touch the mind through the heart.

He is the biggest inspirational speaker in the training industry today and is solely responsible for bringing fire, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, love, affection, madness and ruthlessness in his talks to all his participants. His trainings have brought the spark and set the participants, organizations and Industry on fire. He is thus rightly nicknamed as “Nair on Fire”.

What distinguishes T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair from the ordinary fleet of trainers is that he has addressed various people across cultures within the 36 states in India and has blended effectively across international cultures as well. His favorite topics are sales, confidence, leadership, personal mastery, skill enhancement and now his motto is: Entrepreneur & Individual Transformation.
His “Distinct Forte” is, “To make people think and enlighten about themselves, their present and their future through extremely powerful, hard hitting, inspiring communication, ultimately instilling in them the freedom, liberty and confidence to act, so that they Achieve their Dreams, Vision and Goals…and by doing so making them empowered forever…”

In tune with his mission in life – “To inspire at least one human being everyday”, he has posed as a Keynote speaker at various annual conferences of most of the Life Insurance congregations, Mahindra & Mahindra, CEAT, Hyundai Motors, Vodafone, RMP, Tata AIG, Birla Sun Life, Met Life, ICICI Bancassurance and Alliance and many more. He has shared the stage with eminent personalities like Harsha Bhogle, Shiv Khera, Mind power expert – Mr. Jitendra Adhia and several more of their likes.

Santosh’s expertise lies in Selling, Leadership and Entrepreneurial coaching. He has understood all the fine and minutest aspects of Sales and he is considered to be the ultimate authority on Sales.

His track record of 30 years of having worked with great Corporations such as Eureka Forbes & Real Value Appliances to name a few, speaks volumes about the vast experience and rich knowledge that he has gained over these years. His career graph always had him at the top wherever he has worked. He was India’s No. 1 salesman, No.1 group leader, No.1 supervisor, No.1 branch manager and No.1 in all positions till he was promoted to the designation of a Director.

His tryst with training started almost 20 years ago when his colleagues, bosses, associates, friends discovered his innate talent for imparting knowledge to all who came in contact with him professionally and personally. His unique ability is in training,though he began his career in the field of Sales, in which he broke his own records every month and even today his records in sales are unsurpassed.

His company “smmart Training and Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.” is dedicated to its core purpose which is “To provide path breaking solution to entrepreneurs and develop radical shifts in their mindset, by enabling everlasting transformations so that they can scale greater heights in a dynamic and ever changing world of business” and has currently taken up the charge of building success stories of the Micro, small and medium sized Entrepreneurial Community.

His company – “Satosh Nair’s Knowledge Products & Merchandise Pvt. Ltd.” lives its brand promise of providing Ceaseless Power by “Acting as a thunderbolt in the life of Individuals & Institutions & make them rebel against themselves, awakening them, thus helping them unleash their true potential.” through power packed, motivational pep-talks and workshops.