Interpersonal Skills

I want to achieve my goals and be the best version of myself

“Confidence is the single most important human ability, All other abilities confidence as the foundation.”




Tigers are known for their confidence, fiery passion, daring & fearlessness. They are universally respected & revered for their courage by both friends & foes. With an impulsive, vivacious & dynamic personality, these qualities make them magnetic characters that always end up being the center of attention in social settings. Moreover, their courage & universal attractiveness make them very popular leaders.
This is what TIGER course is all about creating fearless, ferocious, strong, motivated always productive & successful people. This life changing process consists of:


Memory Technique:

  • Pegging – Ability to remember names, facts & principles.
  • Stacking / Sequential Thinking – Technique of linking mind pictures one after another.
  • Impression, Association, Repetition – 3 ways to remember names.


Effective Communication:

  • Impromptu Speaking – The ability to speak at the moment.
  • Thinking On Your Feet – Loose stage fear.
  • Introducing Speakers – Introducing the speaker using T.I.S formula.
  • Holding Conferences – Learn to hold conferences systematically.
  • Fundamentals Of Public Speaking – Learn to humanize & personalize your talk.
  • Talk To Get Action – Learn to inform, convince, entertain & persuade.


Human Relation:

  • Human Relation Principles – A concept that empowers you to be the most likeable person & to cultivate the mental attitude to bring peace & happiness.
  • Crashing Through Your Shell – Learn to cast away all the physical & mental stringency that you have developed during the process of growing up.
  • Relive Your Bitter Feelings – Learn to get out of your timidity, give vent to your anger, disgust which has been irritating you constantly.

Replicate the persona of tiger within you with TIGER course & transform yourself into a Powerful Communicator, a Powerful Motivator & a Powerful Leader.