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Chakravyu (Set of 1) Malayalam


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“ Breaking Free From The Trap Of Failure” In this 6 hours motivational and educational pep talk Mr. Nair makes you realize the reasons why success seems unattainable. Through a mythological story he explains in a unique manner the concept of “ Chakravyuh”. A Chakravyuh is nothing but a trap, a set of behavioral, attitudinal and psychological patterns that prevents a person from progress. It requires a special set of knowledge, Skills and Strategies to get out of such a Chakravyuh. He explains the 8 reasons why one gets trapped in a “Chakravyuh.” He explains the various “Chakravyuhs” in which you get trapped thus making it difficult to attain success. You will learn the essential strategies required to break through these traps and thus attaining new heights in your occupation. It would help create your own rules of work and learn to jump over mental barriers, thereby helping you to reach higher levels of Success.


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