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Dare to Dream…Beyond Boundaries (Set of 1) Mp3


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Dare to Dream… Beyond Boundaries A sure-shot way to do MDRT/ COT/ TOT in 21 Days In this audio CD, Santosh Nair, India’s most famous EntrepreneurCoach, Motivational & Confidence Guru, author and a visionaryshares his powerful insights for insurance and financial advisors,which include the following topics: ☁ Why dream beyond boundaries? ☁ The difference between One time/ Sometime Growth v/s Lifetime Growth ☁ The Power of Future ☁ The Power of Contribution ☁ The Power of Learning ☁ The Power of Performance ☁ The main job- purpose of a Salesperson/ Financial advisor/ any seller ☁ The Power of Confidence ☁ The Paradigm breaking question ☁ The Power of habits ☁ The 21-Day Habit & Confidence Multiplier (Self- Transformation Book) ☁ The Self- Learning, Development & Confidence Multiplier (Self- Transformation Book) ☁ The Power of Purpose ☁ How to achieve anything in 21 days These insightful lessons-for-life inspire you to see bigger dreams, become a go-getter and fulfil your higher Purpose… “If you develop the right kind of habits, at any time in life, you will be able tocreate a future as per your desire, aspiration and ambition” – Santosh Nair So, develop the right kind of habits and dare to dream… beyond boundaries!!


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