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Dream Big To Sales Big (set of 2)


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The power of dreaming big in making the big sale happen Small thinking gets small results. By the same token, big dreams drive big results. To make a successful sales career, you must begin with the right thought process. Through this power-packed video, Santosh Nair – India’s leading Sales Trainer and Guru of Confidence tells you how ordinary sales people have achieved extra-ordinary results simply by getting their thinking big and by dreaming big. Watch this SMM-ART video featuring Santosh Nair as he talks you through: • Why it is important to dream BIG when you are in sales • The 7-Steps to achieve your sales goals • How to stay mentally, emotionally & physically strong as a sales person • The 4-Step scientific approach to selling • How to handle objections and deal with rejections by remembering the “8/73 Principle” Use the powerful and highly practical insights and ideas Santosh offers in this video presentation to make the power of dreaming big drive a successful sales career.


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