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Falling In Love with Sales (set of 2) English


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FALLING IN LOVE WITH SALES “You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. That’s the mark of a true professional”. In this DVD Mr. Santosh Nair emphasizes on being a professional and how you achieve the same. To evolve into a true professional, you need to focus on 4 E’s viz: • Education • Examination • Experience • Ethics To turn out to be a professional you need to pass through 5 phases of life which are: 1. Learning phase 2. Leadership phase 3. Risk phase 4. Wealth phase 5. Security phase While passing through these phases you also need to constantly upgrade your KASHS which stands for:  K-Knowledge  A-Attitude  S-Skills  H-Habits  S-Strategies Doing this you will emerge and evolve as a true professional setting a benchmark for others to follow; thereby becoming a role model for millions of people who are going to follow in your foot steps. Start working on your unique ability to bring about a meaningful transformation in each and every soul, so that a great value is created thereby achieving great compensation and less competition. “Customer… First buys the salesman, second buys the company and third buys the product” It is a must watch DVD for all people especially those involved in sales!!! Go ahead and become a Professional…


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