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Leading Business in Uncertain & Discontinuous Times (Set of 2)


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The business environment around us is constantly changing. New products are being introduced, new resources are being innovated, higher caliber of people is brought in, stronger systems and processes are being developed….business is becoming increasingly competitive and life for an ordinary human being is becoming increasingly difficult. Amidst all this chaos, confusion and discontinuity, work still has to go on. Opportunities have to be captured; resources have to be aligned and business has to be maximized. This cannot be done by merely performing or running businesses. The need of the hour is to lead business in uncertain and discontinuous times and emerge out as a clear cut winner in life. In this 4-hour power-packed CD, India’s preeminent Motivational and Confidence Guru, Entrepreneur Coach and Newest Author; Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens all his viewers on the definition of “Uncertain & Discontinuous Times” and the formulas required to lead in such times. “Uncertain and Discontinuous Times is a period of personal and professional turmoil – a time of confusion, anxiety, guilt, anger, hostility, depression, pain and stress. ” As a solution to the above definition, this CD tours around the “8 Formulas to Lead in Uncertain & Discontinuous Times.” A quick run of these 8 Formulas are – 1. Crush Competition 2. Understand the Common Denominator of Success 3. Understand ‘Why do entrepreneurs miss the bus?’ 4. Destroy Your Business.Com 5. Declare that you will be a Paradigm Shifter/Pioneer 6. Be Ready to Fail 7. Decide to be a Global Entrepreneur 8. Use a Professional Coach Having gone through this life transforming revelation by Mr. Santosh Nair, you will see yourself leading in all situations in life and be prepared for the best and the worst of life that is yet to happen.


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