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Sales Multiplier (Set of 1)


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Sales Multiplier (Maximizing Results in Minimum Time) In this power packed CD Mr. Santosh Nair the legend in sales teaches the innovative techniques of multiplying sales, reducing time, increasing momentum and bringing about a meaningful transformation to make life much easier, vibrant, progressive and successful. Every one is a salesman be an entrepreneur, CEO, VP, G.M, sales or marketing manager, executive, multi- level marketing person, insurance agent, development officer, housewife, student, or a person working in any department, handling any portfolio has to sell something or the other, be it a idea or thoughts, views, products or services, processes, even values or philosophies. Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens on the innovative techniques of • The Elevator Speech. • Selling: an Art or Science • SPANCO • SPIN Concept • High Value / High End Sales • 8/73 Approach and many more that will help an individual and his team to maximize results in minimum time. All human beings have to sell, so let’s master and maximize the art of selling everything, all the time through this power packed CD of Sales Multiplier.


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