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The Magic scaling up your Business (set of 2)


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The Magic Of Scaling Up Your Business And Leading In Uncertain Time Addressing over 1000 businessmen & businesswomen, Mr. Nair in this fabulous DVD talks about the fundamental reason why inspite of the best intentions, businessmen and businesswomen around the world are unable to grow their businesses. What are the 4 fundamental errors and 4 fundamental behaviors that entrepreneurs make because of which they miss the opportunity of building a great corporation like an IBM, Unliver, Infosys, Tata’s, HP, Google, Apple etc. He goes on to tell us the 4 types of Enterprises and where we should belong to build a corporation that enjoys sustainable wealth. He also talks about the ‘drivers’ for sustainable wealth. But the most important lesson Mr. Santosh Nair advocates is of having a personal coach & the need to be accountable to someone for your commitments. In the 2nd part of this DVD, Mr. Nair speaks about the 6 personal formulas that each one of us should practice to win during uncertain times. He ends the DVD with the promise that one should make each day in their life as a businessman or a businesswoman and that is ‘to achieve, exceed & get ahead in life’.


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