The Right Practices of a Great Salesman/ Sales manager – Pune

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The Right Practices of a Great Salesman/ Sales manager - Pune

The Right Practices of a Great Salesman - Sales manager - Pune

We have many departments/functions in our organization like… operations, service, production, marketing, administration, etc.
You will agree, that even though all these departments are very essential for the smooth functioning of the organization, the most important department for an organization to remain alive is SALES.
Sales is the backbone of any organization and no organization can sustain without continuous inflow of sales in business.
Selling is an artistic science or a scientific art. An effective salesman understands the science (process) as well as the beautiful art of selling.The Power to Sell Anybody, Anytime.

In this program, you will learn:

· The Systems & processes that top performing sales professionals use.

· How to separate yourself from the rest by using the Power of First Impressions?

· How to conquer new customers?

· How to grow your present customers?

· How to separate yourself from competition?

· The Power of Questioning & Listening

· How to decide your destination?

· How to sell even before entering the customers’ premises?

· Key activities to be performed daily by a great salesperson

· The Power of Perception

· How to prove that your price is right?

· Pipeline building.

· Prospect management.

· Perception building.

· How to use the power of internet tools?

· How to get work out of people?

· How to manage non-performers?

· How to think like a coach?

· How to recruit top performers?

· How to train to gain?

If you want to learn the right practices of becoming a Great Salesman on 30th August, 2016 at Pune from 10am to 2pm.

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