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10 commandments of Life maximization (set of 2)


‘Life – a gift of God,’ given to all of us but used differently by different people. To make the most of life, one needs to learn the art of Life Maximization. The most successful individuals in today’s world of continual change are those who can grow throughout their lives. “Life Maximization” requires intelligence. Many highly intelligent people stop growing in terms of their enthusiasm, alertness, receptivity, flexibility and adaptability. What is missing from their lives is a set of basic attitudes and habits that keeps them fresh and innovative in their responses to the world around them. In this four hour power-packed program, Mr. Santosh Nair, India’s preeminent Confidence and Business Guru will enlighten you on what Life Maximization is all about and the laws, principles and fundamentals that need to be followed to live a life which is unlimited, unbelievable and unparalleled.

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