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Be a Successful Wealth Advisor (Set of 2)

Be a Successful Wealth Advisor (Set of 2)


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People often misunderstand Wealth Advisors as Financial Advisors and people who believe that they are Wealth Advisors actually operate merely as Financial Advisors. Being a Successful Wealth Advisor calls for a complete shift in your thinking, actions and approach towards the financial advisory business. In this 3-hour power-packed program, the Visionary and renowned authority on the Financial Services industry, Mr. Santosh Nair, articulates this shift in the most explicit and elaborate manner – a must watch for all Financial Service Providers. All of us face uncertain times in life. This period can be defined as a period of personal and professional turmoil – a time of confusion, paranoia, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, pain and stress. These moments come to us in the form of recession, financial depression, stock market crash down, high inflation, bomb blasts, natural calamities, labor unrest, corruption, increase in the prices of oil and petrol etc. and during this period, one goes through a very natural phase of personal failure, de-motivation, dejection, self-doubt, confidence crisis, personal fears, worries and uncertainties. Such times of uncertainties need to be managed and dealt with in a manner that you emerge out as a “Winner.” “Winning is an attitude or a behavioral pattern manufactured by few people to protect themselves in uncertain & confusing times.” Based on the above definition, this CD tours around the “5 Formuals to Win in Uncertain Times.” A quick run of these 5 Formulas are – 1. Be Other’s Centric & Develop Winning Relationships. 2. Declare that you will be a Transformation Agent. 3. Be a Successful True Wealth Advisor. 4. Power of 78. 5. Be an Opportunity & Progress Multiplier. Having gone through this life transforming revelation by Mr. Santosh Nair, you will see yourself rise from a Life Insurance Agent to a Life Insurance Advisor, a Financial Advisor, a True Wealth Advisor and finally a Life Advisor.


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