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The Power of Being Unreasonable (Set of 2)


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The Power of Being Unreasonable. Being unreasonable might not always work out; but it’s better to take a shot at your dreams than to never know what you could have been. “The reasonable Entrepreneur adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable Entrepreneur. In this over the top DVD named ‘The Power of Being Unreasonable’ India’s latest author, pre-eminent Motivational Speaker, Confidence Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach – Santosh Nair talks about the unchartered paths traversed by unreasonable entrepreneurs for growth, contribution and achievement in times of increasing confusion, isolation and powerlessness. Mr. Nair illustrates live examples of beaming entrepreneurs who have showcased exceptionally unreasonable characteristics like being: 1. Path breakers 2. In complete self control 3. Ambitious (Big is better) 4. Futurists 5. Risk takers 6. Determined He adds that the only way to break free is to unleash your thoughts and think, speak and act UNREASONABLY! It’s never too late to be unreasonable; every entrepreneur can start his journey to unreasonableness and further intensify it up by practicing the 5 critical steps to unreasonableness: Step1. Avoid denial Step 2.Connect to purpose Step 3.Recognize your anchors (your obstacles) Step 4.Examine the consequences of being in comfort zone Step 5.Take action It is reasonable not to have a copy of this life changing DVD in your archives. So Go Get it and change the world for you by being Unreasonable!!


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