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Guarantee Your Future (Set of 2)

Guarantee Your Future (Set of 2)


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GUARANTEE YOUR FUTURE (LIVE LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS & SAY GOODBYE TO COMMODITIZATION FOREVER) In today’s competitive, complex & fast moving world, there are two ways in which a person lives his/her life – 1. Where you are offering the same products & services that any other person in your industry is offering. There is no differentiation between you & your competitors & the only way you can sustain your position is by reducing your price, increasing your services & bringing down your profit margins on an everyday, every hour, every minute basis. & after doing all this, you still remain unsure of whether your customer will come back to you tomorrow or will he go away to a competitor who is offering a better price & a more promising service thus breaking down your confidence everyday & keeping you in a constant state of helplessness, insecurity & uncertainty. This is known as ‘Commoditization.’ 2. There is another way of living life where you are known for the person that you are & the value that you create; not by the products & services & the price that you offer. Here, you need not compromise on your terms of business to maintain your position in the market. You can do what you want & get what you want & keep multiplying your business by creating value for your customers. This is known as ‘Value Creation.’ From Commoditization to Value Creation is not an impossible journey. It can be imagined, envisioned & accomplished. In a world full of insecurities, uncertainties & unpredictability, where no one can be trusted & nothing can be guaranteed, you can guarantee your future. You can write your own destiny, live your life on your own terms & accomplish all that you want in life. Though this sounds impossible it can be possible if you follow the “5 Breakthrough to do the Impossible” 1. Guarantee that you will Kill the Salesman 2. Guarantee that you will never do junk activities 3. Guarantee that you will upgrade yourself & your team members 4. Guarantee that you will develop rock-solid habits 5. Guarantee that you will break all paradigms. This 3-hour power packed life transforming revelation by India’s foremost Motivational, Confidence & Sales Guru, Entrepreneurial Coach & the most powerful Visionary of the Insurance & Financial Services Industry, Mr. Santosh Nair, is a must watch for anybody right from a salesman to a financial advisor to a self-employed person to an entrepreneur.


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