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Zero 2 Hero (Set of 2)


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Zero 2 Hero In this wonderful DVD, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivation and Confidence Guru, Author and Visionary speaks on a very exquisite topic called Zero 2 Hero. He says that every individual starts off from being a Zero and then finally becomes a Hero. He beautifully explains the concept comparing a Raw Diamond to a Zero and a Polished Diamond to a Hero. He says that all diamonds have 4 important characteristics namely Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. As far as the colour and carat is concerned, the diamond can’t do anything, they are its natural quality. As far as the clarity and cut is concerned, it can be changed and are in the hands of the goldsmith. We are all like raw diamonds, over a period of time we need to bring clarity in ourselves and keep on cutting & polishing ourselves. In this insightful DVD, Mr. Nair goes on to explain that if you really want to make it big in life and become a great, successful Hero in life, you have to give yourself certain Commandments. The 3 most Critical Commandments to become Zero 2 Hero are: Commandment 1: Keep your Performance & Contribution Rolling Higher & Higher Commandment 2: Understand the Power of Habits Commandment 3: Become a Future Farmer To become a future farmer, Mr. Nair explains that you need to have 4 Goals in life Goal 1: Immediate (Tatkal) Goals Goal 2: Restoration (Durusti) Goals Goal 3: Renovation (Kabiliyat) Goals Goal 4: Word of Mouth (KharaSona) Goals On listening to this entire DVD carefully, where Mr. Nair has gone into complete depth of each commandment, you will realize the reasons why you are not moving in your life in the right manner and the required pace. If we follow these three Commandments dedicatedly, you are definitely on your path to become Zero 2 Hero. So grab this wonderful DVD which will change your life in a big way and take you on the journey to become a Hero.


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