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Aag Hamare Dil Mein hai (set of 1)


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Aag Hamare Dil Mein Hai…! A tinge of fire, if fueled well, can ignite the world and it is this ignition that one needs to make it big in life. In this CD, the fiery Santosh Nair talks about the “FIRE” that every individual has within and if you have to become future proof, shock proof and fire proof, you have got to “FUEL THE FIRE” within you. Whether you are an individual or trying to build a team, you need to have yourself and your team spitting fire and spreading it across the world all the time. To do this, you will require four types of people – Momentum Makers Momentum Takers Momentum Fakers Momentum Breakers Right from the definition of an entrepreneur, this CD talks about taking charge of your future like a “Future Farmer” and enlightens you with the four types of goals that Future Farmers set – 1. Tatkaal i.e. Immediate Goals 2. Durusti i.e. Restoration Goals 3. Kabiliyat i.e. Renovation Goals 4. Spardatmak Faayda i.e. Benchmark Goals It concludes by unveiling the 3 ways of reaching the real big goals in life – 1. Eye of a Salesman 2. Eye of a Businessman 3. Eye of a Leader A quick tip to all the viewers and listeners – “Fuel the Fire” in your heart and reach your extraordinary goals.


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