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Heart of A Champion (set of 2)


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HEART OF A CHAMPION The Oxford dictionary defines a ‘Champion’ as one who is superior to his peers, a clear victor, a born winner. Champions are different from the crowd, they stand a class apart, they can be categorized as a distinguished class of individuals who stand tall, confident and empowered amidst hundreds and thousands of normal people. Every individual, however big or small, educated or uneducated, professional or amateur, focused or negligent wants to become a champion in life. In this 4-hour enthusiastic, energetic and ever enthralling program, the greatest motivational speaker of all times, Mr. Santosh Nair, gives us a completely new, different and better understanding of the word Champion and what the heart of a Champion is made of – C – Creator H – Honest A – Ambitious M – Motivated P – Passion I – Intelligent O – Oriented N – Nobody can beat Champions As an extension to this definition, this program tours around the fundamentals and the essentials that go in the making of a Champion who is not only a winner or a victor but also a creator, honest, ambitious, motivated, passionate, intelligent, oriented and a person who can never be defeated i.e. a true Champion. Having gone through this pool of enormous insights, this CD will serve as a Bible for any student, teacher, employee, employer, entrepreneur or housewife who wants to become a Champion in life.


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