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Awake, Arise, Accelerate (set of 2)


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Swami Vivekananda says, “Awake Arise and Stop not till the Goal is Reached”. There is another beautiful quote which says: “Awake, Arise and Accelerate till you achieve the pinnacle of success”. Mr. Santosh Nair in this 4 hour energizing pep talk covers a variety of subjects like change, confidence and why do entrepreneurs miss the bus. “Variety is the spice of life!”, as the saying goes, you have many insightful topics in this event covered under one roof. Awake: Here, Mr. Santosh Nair throws light upon on how change have affected our life style, society, technology and the way we think so on and so forth. In earlier days society dominated the change to be made; but as time passed, we are now dominated by technological changes and these changes play a vital role in our life. As a result we have to be awake to witness the change which are happening in and around us. Arise: In this world of disruption we have to arise and protect our confidence and most importantly keep the fire of confidence ignited day in and day out. Under this topic Mr. Santosh Nair shares 5 steps/ things that confident people do namely: Focus, decide and act, Say goodbye to the accustomed/known, transforming KASHS, Easing barriers and standardizing the new. We all have the ability; the difference is how we use it Accelerate: We have to accelerate ourselves in our personal and professional life to achieve the dream you have set out for. If we do not accelerate we will miss the bus. In-order to avoid missing the bus we need to awaken, arise and accelerate ourselves to catch the bus and achieve the pinnacle of success. Mr. Santosh Nair explains various reasons why most of the entrepreneurs miss the bus and he emphasizes on having a coach in your life who will give you direction to achieve the goal you have set out for. So it is time for all of us to “Arise, Awake and Accelerate to achieve our dreams we have set out for and set a benchmark for others to follow”


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