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Success Habits in life Insurance Selling (Set of 2)

Success Habits in life Insurance Selling (Set of 2)


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In this insightful DVD, Success Habits in Life Insurance selling, India’s leading author, Mr. Santosh Nair, speaks about the secrets to reach MDRT, COT and TOT. He starts with his self-story and speaks about the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. He then goes on to explain the 4 essential habits you need to develop to conquer the financial services industry. These 4 Habits are: 1. Prospecting Habits 2. Calling Habits 3. Selling Habits 4. Working Habits He further goes to explain the following in intense details: Why the insurance advisors don’t have prospects……, how to qualify for MDRT….., cold calling in insurance industry……, he explains the power of the 3 doors and which is the door that you have to invest maximum amount of your time at……, he gives you the powerful techniques of objection handling and the 8/73 technique to handle all kinds of objections……, he goes on to explain about the 20 ‘No – challenges’ that you should take everyday if you want to conquer the field of selling……, he lists down the 5 magic questions to ask during your visits to your prospects……, explains the power of investments on self……, the 4 forces that are changing the financial services industry and therefore the need for being an entrepreneur from being an insurance salesman and he finally concludes with the definition of an entrepreneur. If you listen to his advice and practice exactly what he tells in this wonderful DVD, you will achieve success on demand, as per your wishes, dedicated following of these success habits will ensure that all your aspirations, ambitions, goals and dreams will be achieved. So grab this transforming, motivational DVD and embark onto your Mission MDRT…!!! All the best…!!!


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