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Business Multiplier Plus (Set of 3) Malayalam


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Addressing 300 entrepreneurs from Kerala in an event organized by “Rising Kerala” (The new wave of Entrepreneurship), T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivation and Confidence Guru, Author and Visionary speaks on a very interesting and important topic – Business Multiplier Plus. In Business Multiplier Plus, Mr. Nair explains the 12 path breaking, revolutionary Rules to Scale up Your Organization using various Indian and International examples of the most successful entrepreneurs who have multiplied their businesses into huge giants. The 12 Rules to Scale up Your Organization as explained by Mr. Nair are as follows: Rule No. I – Understand EGC (Entrepreneur Growth Cycle) Rule No. II – Play the role of an Entrepreneur Rule No. III – Do not do non-revenue Generating Activities Rule No. IV – Create a Not to do list for Life Rule No. V – Understand 3 types of Activities Rule No. VI – Design Infrastructure like a Living Organism Rule No. VII – Have Business Partners Rule No. VIII – Avoid the 3 in 1 trap of an Entrepreneur Rule No. IX – Play from the Eye of a Leader Rule No. X – Think about the Long term Rule No. XI – Be an Elephant Catcher Rule No. XII – Maximize Sales Using these 12 Rules, you are sure to multiply and maximize your businesses to the highest level of success. These Rules will help you to grow your business and take it from the groping stage to the early success stage, from early success to the growth acceleration stage, from growth acceleration to reorientation stage, from reorientation to the corporatization stage, and from corporatization to the final stage of liberation so that you can achieve your Nirvana from entrepreneurship and watch your business reach heights of success. So grab a copy of this revolutionary DVD and keep multiplying your business…


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