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Leap For Success Part 3 (set of 2)13 Philosophies to Build a core team


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LEAP FOR SUCCESS 3 The First Step Towards Building An Unlimited Entrepreneurial Future. In this 3rd session of LEAP Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens us on an entrepreneur’s requirement to run the ship of an organization to take that quantum LEAP. Keep the right people on the ship and eliminate the wrong people…More important is to have the right person in the captain’s seat (Key Position) before you start the journey…so that one does not regret mid route. LEAP will require A Core team of Insanity Personified Leaders who are result oriented, hyperactive, future oriented and above all, leaders who have integrity. This calls for the 2 ‘R’s of Recruitment i.e. right person for the right job and robust process of recruitment. “PL” Policy – When you know the time has come to change a leader don’t waste time and act immediately. Give the “Best opportunity to the best people”. B.A.D People (Beyond Adversities & Difficulties) – Great leaders are at all times pain proof, difficulty proof, journey proof, recession proof and reality proof. HALLA BOL – An environment where people speak the truth and the truth is heard whilst all the issues are brainstormed and resolved. Saboot Saboot Saboot – A great entrepreneur takes decisions based on proof, data, statistics, trends, facts and figures. The Power of saying ‘No’- Focus only on what you can deliver regardless of abundant opportunities or it will lead to over commitment and under delivery. Encourage Entrepreneurship – Give freedom to people within set boundaries and allow them to innovate and experiment. This will ensure the “Birth of Intra-preneurs” Build Momentum “DUM LAGA KE HAIYA”- All actions to go from 0 to 100, 100 to 1000, 1000 to 10,000. Keep achieving more and more. ‘ANANT’ FUTURE FARMING – A good entrepreneur is a visionary; one who sets goals not based on the next quarter, but the next quarter century. Think Tank – Think Tank refers to the group meeting of external experts, learned professionals and management coaches to discuss about the progress of the organization. CONSTANT CULTURE CHANGE (C³) – A decision for a change does not take an hour or a day or even a week instead, all it takes is a second to create and enforce a cultural change.


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