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Change Multiplier (Set of 2)


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“Change is in the only constant” The world around us is changing – people are changing, relationships are changing, industries are changing, economies are changing, situations and circumstances in which man operated earlier are all changing! To match up with this pace of changing times and to remain relevant and at par with the world, accepting and adjusting to change is not enough. You have to build a DNA of Change and become a “Change Multiplier.” Change Multipliers are individuals who carry a “Change cell” because of which they are constantly alert and wise, aware of their Akrasias & Paradigms and willing to come over it by undergoing the 5 Phases of Change and becoming a Paradigm Shifter/Pioneer thereby creating hundreds and thousands of Change Agents & building a community of Change Multipliers. Further to the above definition, in this 4-hour Life Transforming revelation, India’s most well known Confidence, Motivation & Entrepreneurial Guru, Mr. Santosh Nair, enlightens its viewers on –  Akrasia – A disease that we are all suffering from  Paradigms – The boundaries that we create around us  2 Change Drivers that will make us Change Multipliers – 5 Phases of Change & Becoming a Paradigm Shifter/Pioneer. In the second half, the CD tours around ‘Change in an Organization’ and the reason why most organizations fail – due to their inability to successfully implement change in their organizations. The only solution therefore is “Change Multiplication.” Change Multiplication is a conscious, continuous and strategic process adopted by organizations to permanently remain relevant and ahead of times by destroying their existing business, renewing themselves on a constant basis and following the 8-Point Gameplan for successfully leading, not managing a change program. Most organizations are ‘OVERMANAGED’ and ‘UNDERLED’ Change is a thinking job; Change is an intangible job and this cannot be done by managers. Change requires leaders. 8-Point Gameplan for Leading Change in Organizations – 1. Create a Crisis 2. Build a Change Council 3. Set a Change Vision & Strategy 4. Communicate the Change Vision & Strategy 5. Kill bureaucracy…Empower People 6. Success Baby Steps 7. Spread the Change 8. Inject Change in the DNA of the Organization Having gone through this painful, difficult and laborious journey, you will become a Change Addict, living in a Change Trance, ready to change 24×7.



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