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Winning Commandments And Formulas To Win At All Times (Set of 1) English


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Winning- Commandments and formulas to win at all times In order to win, you have to think like a winner!!! In this inspirational DVD, Mr. Nair start off with his glorious story of the last 29 years through which he rightly points out that in order to win in today’s competitive world, the ‘Power Of habits’ is what you should understand and acquire. “The secret lies in the fact that successful people formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do” With this definition as a common ground, this DVD takes you on an enlightening ride through, the world of positive outcomes and the pentagon of success that everyone aspires to live in but only a limited few are adept to inherit. Mr. Nair goes on to say that one of the things that can make you win is the profession of selling, but for that you have to make sales your passion and career. To do so you have to master the 4 E’s of a profession, namely Education, Examination, Experience, And Ethics. A large number of people believe that success takes a lot of time, but if commanded aptly by a leader, a sub-ordinate can win from day one. A quick run of such commandments to ‘winning’, elucidated by Mr. Nair are: 1. Understand the power of habits 2. Power of 78 % 3. 3 door policy 4. Crush competition 5. Be clear about your main job purpose These commandments are true to the core and are the precise mantra to ‘win at all times.’ Mr. Nair further enlightens us with some paradigm shifting questions that will help us move our limiting boundaries. Ultimately he speaks about the importance of Goals, Power and Purpose and asserts that you have to unconditionally surrender yourself to your purpose. Since these things seem like an impractical entity he concludes by giving his powerful definition of ‘Impracticality’ and how can you get out of this limiting paradigm. So, in this time binding world where, every ticking second is filled with stress and man is in a constant state of paranoia, this informative DVD provides us with the commandments and the 6 Kanoons to be a winner, namely: 1. Always make your education bigger than your experience. 2. Always make your future bigger than your past. 3. Always make your contribution bigger than your reward. 4. Always make your gratitude bigger than your success. 5. Always make your confidence bigger than your comfort. 6. Always make your performance bigger than your applause. Having gone through this life transforming revelation by Mr. Nair, you will be prepared to face the best and the worst of situations that is yet to happen and emerge as a ‘Winner’. In this 3-hour power-packed DVD, India’s Newest Author, preeminent Confidence & Motivational Guru & Entrepreneur Coach; Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens all his viewers on the definition of “Winning” and the qualities required to be a winner in all walks life.


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