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Life Maximization in Sales (Set of 1) English


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Sales is a lifetime profession. Once a salesman, always a salesman and one has to immerse himself deeper and deeper into this enormous pool of knowledge to extract the best out of this profession. To get the most out of sales, one needs to dedicate himself to this profession and learn the art of Life Maximization in Sales. Life Maximization in Sales is a long lonely process of crushing competitors, continuously expiring your current self, thinking beyond possibilities & being clear about your main job purpose such that you live a life which is that of a leader and a role model thereby Maximizing Life for a Lifetime. Addressing a fleet of thorough sales professionals, India’s most eminent Motivational, Confidence and Sales Guru Mr. Santosh Nair, unveils 4 of the most fundamental lessons learnt in the past 27 years of being a Sales Professional, a Sales Leader, a Sales Trainer and an Entrepreneur himself. This CD tours around the 4 directives, mandates, demands, instructions or more so, the ‘Laws of God’ more fondly called as ‘The Commandments of Life Maximization in Sales.’ A quick run of these 4 Commandments are – 1. Crush Competition 2. Be a Possibility Thinker 3. Role Clarification 4. Be a Leader/Role Model This power packed life transforming revelation by Santosh Nair will take you to the unflinching path of maximizing every day, every hour, every minute and every moment of your life as a Sales Professional.


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