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Key Accounts Management (Set of 7) Dvds with Workbook


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We all have to sell. We have to sell our products, our services and our ideas to our clients. When we are selling products like a vacuum cleaner, a credit card, and mobile phone to individuals we use a systematic sales process using our basic selling Skills. However, the moment you move from one-to-one selling, to selling to multiple people& the moment you move from low value products or services to high value products or services, in addition to Professional Selling Skills, we have to adopt the process called Key Account Management or Major Account Management. A Key Account is a huge client with huge potential which will give you a large amount of business for a very long period of time. Here, the decision making process is complex & involves multiple people at multiple levels. Each of these people has multiple decision making criterions, they all play different roles in the organization, they may not be in sync with each other, they may have different personalities etc. But the most important thing is that it takes a long time to penetrate at multiple levels as high as possible & as wide as possible. A decision in this account in our favor can only be taken by the DMU i.e. the Decision Making Unit which may comprise of 3, 4, 5 or more people and each of them will have to be aligned for a positive outcome to be generated. Key Account Management therefore is a step-by-step process & not a skill. It is a process to enter, hold and keep the account active for a very long period of time. It is a process of Suspecting, Scanning, Surveying an organization and having done that; Planning the call, Planning the strategy, Planning the relationship & ensuring that we are meeting the right people at the right time, talking about the right things in order to shorten the sales process as well as the sales time & get the account in our favor in the desired manner. Key Account Management has to be understood because of the multiplicity in number of people that are involved in the decision making. We also have to understand whether we are capable to handle it alone ormultiple people from our organization may be required at different times to influence different people in the DMU (Decision Making Unit). We also have to understand our capabilities, our personalities, our strengths & our weaknesses to manage a Key Account. Therefore, this DVD which is a live recording of a 3-day workshop consists of case studies, role plays, simulation exercises, films, sales tools, reports etc. to give us great insights so that we can increase the momentum, reduce the sales time & create urgency in selling to these companies. We will also learn how to initiate & implement the various processes of Key Account Management. We will learn how to negotiate effectively using various negotiation strategies & tactics. The program will consist of the following aspects – Case Study: “Key Accounts Selling Versus Deal Chase” • Questionnaire to understand your Key Account Profile. (Individual Exercise followed by Group Activity). • Role-play. What is a Key Account? • Definition of a Key Account. • Parameters to keep in mind while managing a Key Account. • Strategic vs. Large Account. Why treat a Key Account differently? Introduction to “S.P.I.N.” (Suspecting, Planning, Initiation & Negotiation) • The Heart of Key Account Management. “S” – Suspecting/Scanning/Surveying (Building the Database) • Information gathering • Understanding people / profiles • Positioning • Penetration strategy • Activities to be performed in a Key Account during the ‘S’ stage. “P” – Planning (Analyzing the Database & Penetration Plan) • Call Planning • Strategy Planning • Relationship Planning • Tactical tools • SWOT Analysis • Developing a business strategy to penetrate a Key Account. “I” – Initiation/Implementation (Presenting The Plan) • Concept • Activities • Responsibilities • Presentation Process. “N” – Negotiation (Finalization& Perpetuity) • Concept • 8 Negotiation Strategies • 3 Negotiation Tactics • 13 Points to remember while Negotiating “KEY ACCOUNT” Presentation Framework: The art of giving presentations in terms of: whom to give presentations, the manner in which the presentations need to be modified, the key points to be mentioned while giving presentations etc. These minute details are very important in presenting, where complexity is involved. Presentation of “CASE STUDIES” by the participants • Role of Senior Management in handling a Key Account • Successful Account Management Tips Key Account Framework (All reports that needs to be made to know where we are in the Key Account and how fast we can capture and get the Key Account): • Progress Report • Key Account Management Funnel • Call/Visit Data Report • Customer’s Organization & Political Structure Chart • Formal Roles in the Buying Process • Decision Orientation Process • Status Report At the end of the DVD, you will have learnt a scientific process which can be customized for your organization & you will be able to create an institutionalized sales systems / processes in your organizations. Happy Selling…!!!


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