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The Power of Talent Management- Rajkot (Set of 1)


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THE POWER OF TALENT MANAGEMENT – Lessons for sustainable growth through people (CONCEPT NOTE) In our journey as an entrepreneur, moving ahead towards success requires all kinds of talents in the organization. But we are often in a complex situation wondering how to manage these very differently talented people, how to mould them and bind them together to work with rigour, commitment and direction towards one common goal. In this beautiful DVD, our most favouriteEntrepreneur Coach, Motivational &Confidence Guru, author and a visionary, Mr. Santosh Nair acts as our mirror and asks the following questions which we all crave to find answers for… • Why do we hire anyone? • Why do people join us? • How do we build a pipeline of leaders to fuel our future growth? • What is Talent Management? • What is a Talent Factory? • What should the job of your Human Resources Department be? • What are the parameters that are important in the sustainable growth of Talent across board? • What are the steps involved in the Talent Management Cycle? In this insightful DVD, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair answers all the above questions & more using examples of Procter & Gamble (P&G) and General Electric (GE) with regards to Talent Management and shows us the path to powerfully manage the talent in your organization. So go ahead, pick up your copy of this DVD and manage your talent well for achieving sustainable growth through your people.


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