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Winning In Uncertain Times (Set of 2) Shanmukhanand


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WINNING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES Currently, we are all facing ‘Uncertain Times’ in life. This period can be defined as a period of personal and professional turmoil – a time of confusion, paranoia, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, pain and stress. These are caused by several natural and unnatural factors. On one side there occur events like floods, droughts, earthquakes etc. on which man has no control commonly known as ‘act of God’ and on the other side there are difficulties caused by unnatural/market conditions in the form of recession, financial depression, stock market crash down, high inflation, labor unrest, corruption, increase in the prices of oil and petrol etc. We are also presently experiencing the 4th Trigger Period known as the Digital Era which is caused by a technological influx causing innumerable social, cultural, economic, political and scientific changes leading to impermanence of things around and further ‘Uncertain Times.’ During each of these periods, one goes through a very natural phase of personal failure, de-motivation, dejection, self-doubt, confidence crisis, personal fears, worries and uncertainties and a sense of handicap and absolute helplessness sets in. The next 8 years will be the most difficult times in the life of a man and yet amidst all this chaos the only person who can bring you out from this confusion to clarity; senselessness to sensibility; lack of confidence to self-confidence is you yourself and you have to emerge out as a “Winner” in these challenging and difficult times. In this 4-hour power-packed CD, India’s preeminent Motivational and Confidence Guru and Entrepreneur Coach; Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens all his viewers on the definition of “Winning” and the qualities required to be a winner in life. “Winning is a self-imposed lifetime declaration given by few, to accept life as it comes and remain peaceful and progressive during all situations – good and bad, refusing to succumb to the difficulties caused by changing times by following certain formulas that help them to bounce back with renewed energy and determination in less than 24hrs to find unique solutions to difficult problems indicating to the world as if nothing went wrong and in the process allowing the next big thing to happen.” Based on the above definition, this CD tours around the “8 Formulas to Win in Uncertain Times.” A quick run of these 6 Formulas are – 1. Be Other Centered – Communicate; Build Confidence – Provide Courage 2. Fall in Love with Losses 3. Disregard Difficulties , Start Afresh 4. Nothing matters more than what you do TODAY 5. Damn Your Possessions, Circumstances ; Bring Out the Real “YOU” 6. Be a Resource Multiplier 7. Always Accept the Truth of your Situation – Be Grateful 8. Choose Creativity, Stop Complaining Having gone through this life transforming revelation by Mr. Santosh Nair, you will see yourself emerging as a “Winner” in all situations in life and be prepared for the best and the worst of life that is yet to happen.


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