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Trust Multiplier (Set of 2)


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TRUST MULTIPLIER You may be a businessman, a professional, a corporate employee, an Insurance Advisor, a Networker, a student or a housewife. The one thing that is required to make you successful in your job, businesses, relationships and life as a whole is “Trust.” If nurtured well, this one thing can lead to great successes and prosperity and if lost once, can destroy successful corporations or relations forever. Every person would want to be trusted and respected by the world. But is this actually possible?? Is trust a natural attribute or something that can be externally built? And if the latter is true, how can trust be built..??? Answers to all the above questions are unveiled by India’s best known Confidence, Motivational and Entrepreneurial Guru, Mr. Santosh Nair’s in his latest life transforming CD called “Trust Multiplier.” Trust Multiplication is a wise, conscious and continuous process of upgrading your personal ethics and professional competence by practicing the 15 Trust attributes such that you are regarded as “DTR” by yourself, people, company & the entire ecosystem. Starting with this definition, this CD tours around the 2 components of Trust – Personal Ethics and Professional Competence and a balance of both is required to develop trust in yourself, the people around you, your company and your entire ecosystem. To do this, you need to practice the 15 Attributes of being “DTR” i.e. ‘Dependable, Trustworthy and Reliable.’ A quick run of these 15 Attributes are – 1. Honoring Commitments 2. No Hidden Agendas 3. Halla Bol 4. Customer Centricity 5. Be Honest/Open/Fair/Straightforward 6. Give Credit to People 7. Upgrade your KASHS 8. Take Charge 9. Empower People 10. Declare your Expectations 11. Being Consistent in your Thoughts, Words & Deeds 12. Guarantee Results 13. Be an Outperformer 14. No Scorekeeping 15. Giving back to others more than what you accumulate for yourself Having gone through this 4-hour power packed life transforming revelation by Mr. Santosh Nair, you will see yourself transform into a more confident, reliable and trustworthy individual and thereby become a “Trust Multiplier” for life.


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