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Death Of Networker (Set of 2)


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(EK NETWORKER KI MAUT) Multilevel Marketing is the only business which can make you a Crorepati in one year. It gives you name, fame, recognition, money and increases your reputation and standard of living in the society. But the sooner it gets you success; the sooner can be the fall out. In the next 5 years, the person who is going to be in the Line of Fire is the Networker. What they are currently facing are Insane, Discontinuous & Uncertain Times. This period can be defined as a period of personal and professional turmoil – a time of confusion, paranoia, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, pain and stress and if not addressed at this moment, this could lead to the ‘Death of a Networker.’ These moments come to us in the form of exit of top leaders, technological changes, government regulations, payment/deposit crisis, internal politics, recession, financial scandals, stock market crash down etc. and during this period, one goes through a very natural phase of personal failure, de-motivation, dejection, negativity, self-doubt, confidence crisis, personal fears, worries and uncertainties. Such times of uncertainties need to be managed and dealt with in a manner that you emerge out as a “Winner.” In this 4-hour power-packed CD, the world’s most renowned Motivational, Confidence & Entrepreneurial Guru; Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens all his viewers on the definition of “Winning” and the qualities required to be a winner in life. “Winning is an attitude or a behavioral pattern manufactured by few people to protect themselves in uncertain & confusing times.” Based on the above definition, this CD tours around the “6 Formulas to Win in Uncertain Times.” A quick run of these 6 Formulas are – 1. Be Other’s Centric & Develop Winning Relationships. 2. Be an Opportunity & Progress Multiplier. 3. Build your Today. 4. Be a Possibility Thinker (Focus on what is available). 5. Choose Creativity & Stop Complaining. 6. Be a Leadership Multiplier (Become a Level 5 Leader) A must watch for every net worker. Having gone through these 6 Formulas, you will attain the key to unflinching, unparallel and unsurpassed success and prosperity in the MLM Business for a lifetime.


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