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Leap For Success Part 2 (set of 2)


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LEAP FOR SUCCESS 2 The First Step Towards Building An Unlimited Entrepreneurial Future. Addressing a fleet of dynamic entrepreneurs desirous of taking quantum LEAPs in their businesses, Mr. Santosh Nair takes the audience through an enchanting process of taking a LEAP in every endeavor of life. This four hour power packed program enlightens the viewers about the four steps and two decision that an entrepreneur needs to take and post doing that, LEAP becomes a way of life. The first step i.e. “Panch Tantra” talks about the five circles which witness the transformation of a product into a Unique Community and a Unique Culture guided by a Unique Language, of which every success minded individual wants to be a part of. Quoting William Shakespeare’s “Life is a stage,” LEAP for success emphasizes on the burning need of building a rock solid back office to strengthen the front phase of business which can be done by building certain extraordinary capabilities, coordination and team work at the backend to create extraordinary experience, packaging and value in the front. Stressing on his forte, Santosh Nair unleashed the three sales that an entrepreneur needs to be strong at, in order to strive towards a LEAP in his business which will not only get him the Rokda but also give him Aazadi to make that rokda and develop the Kabiliyat of his fellowmen. He then triggers the egoistic entrepreneurs, who secure themselves in the comfort zones of their office cabins, by invigorating them to give away their offices and exercise the true power of an entrepreneur. On the whole, LEAP for Success encircles the two vital decisions that an entrepreneur needs to take to make it big in the marketplace. To take a LEAP one first needs to identify where he/she belongs – Whether in the time and effort economy which is driven on the fundamentals of bureaucratic time schedules, or the result economy which perceives rokda as the genesis of results and of time and effort spent on producing the results. He concludes the program by evoking the No-Entitlement attitude in entrepreneurs which will enable them to emerge as complete entrepreneurs thereby making them fascinating and powerful role models and change agents who would witness exponential growth throughout their life and strike the final nail down for taking that LEAP for Success.


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