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Confidence Multiplier (set of 2)


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The only thing constant in today’s times is change and with the advent and the advancement of technology in the last few years, all our surrounding support in terms of social circles, government aid, political leaders, cultural support etc. has been challenged. In this world of technological disruption, the only way to survive and thrive is to protect our Confidence and multiply it. In this 4 hour self-empowering program, India’s best known ‘Guru of Confidence’, Mr. Santosh Nair gives a fiery talk on the meaning and importance of ‘Confidence’ and how one has to protect it and constantly multiply it. “Confidence is the ETERNAL ABILITY to remain composed, alert and directed in all our thoughts, words and deeds when faced with the FEARS and INSECURITIES that surround us.” ™ Starting with the definition of Confidence, it takes us through the five things that Confident people do – 1. Be sure of what you want, be focused & disciplined 2. Say good bye to the accustomed/known 3. Transforming ability 4. Easing barriers 5. Regularizing/standardizing the new ‘Confidence Multiplier’ encircles the five qualities that confident people must possess in order to constantly multiply their confidence for a lifetime – 1. Rising over “Coincidences/Past.” 2. Being above tragedies, surrounding conditions and situations. 3. Have a “Vision” of tomorrow. 4. Become “Self-Change Agents.” 5. Gaining triumph on change (waiting for the next). Having gone through this enormous pool of insights, you will be in a position to retain your confidence and multiply it for a lifetime ultimately achieving all your dreams, vision, goals and targets all the time, every time..!


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