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Fear Multiplier (Set of 2)


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FEAR MULTIPLIER In this enlightening and thought provoking CD, India’s most sought after Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational Speaker and Confidence Guru takes us through the journey from Fear to Freedom. Every one of us at some point of time has let gone of some great opportunity due to Fear. But the greatest Entrepreneurs and legends have managed to overcome this physical, mental, emotional and psychological inability which stops us from taking the huge leap, do the never done, experience the never experienced and explore the unexplored. As an entrepreneur, we have 500 different kinds of Fears that have been instilled in our minds by numerous sources and in different ways. Mr. Nair goes on to explain the concept of who a Fear Multiplier is and the intense “8 Mantras to Become a Fear Multiplier”: MANTRA 1. Allow, Observe & Experience the Fear MANTRA 2. Avoid Labelling MANTRA 3. Become the Fear MANTRA 4. Don’t Allow the Fear to become Pathological MANTRA 5. Act and Convert Fear into Courage MANTRA 6. Break & Destroy Numerous Doors of Fear MANTRA 7. Convert Fear into Love MANTRA 8. Live in Insecurity These mantras are well tested and all the greatest entrepreneurs have used these and ultimately enjoyed freedom from fear. Further, Mr. Nair gives the magical keys to break open the doors of Fear which are: 1. Fantasize the Known Fears 2. Fantasize & Multiply the Unknown Fears 3. Be Ready for the Unknown Unknown With a value add from his own personal experience of building smmart for 14 years, Mr. Nair advises entrepreneurs that they should conquer fear by becoming a Fear Multiplier and constantly following the Keys of Fear Multiplication to always Win in Life because…. z“Zindagi as an Entrepreneur, Naa Milegi Dobara…” So grab this exceptional CD and enter into the world of Fear Multiplication. Happy Fear Multiplication…!!!


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