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Future Multiplier (set of 2)


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Future Multiplier Build a present that is Bigger than your Past & Future that is Bigger than your Present. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. In this 4 hour highly motivational DVD, Mr. Santosh Nair speaks about 12 goals which we need to inculcate, incorporate and imbibe in our day to day life to multiply our future. These goals are used by famous personalities in their life to accomplish their task/targets they have set for themselves. The 12 golden goals which need to be practiced on a daily basis to multiply our future are: 1. Immediate Goals / Tatkaal Goals: These goals have intense short-range importance because if you don’t produce results, your reputation and well being are at stake. 2. Restoration goals / Durusti Goals: Restoration goals transform your set-backs into breakthroughs. 3. Renovation Goals / Kabiliyat Goals: These goals provide a foundation that enables you to jump to higher levels of achievement. 4. Benchmark Goals / Spardaatmak Faayda Goals: Benchmark goals help in getting ahead and staying ahead by out-managing and out-performing your competitors. 5. Distinct Forte Goals – Khasiyat / Khaas Banana Goals: These goals enable you to identify and utilize your distinct forte to the greatest advantage. 6. Word-Of-Mouth Goals / Khara Sona Goals: These goals, and the habits that support them, ultimately determine whether you are going to be successful in life. 7. Looking Good – Inside & Outside Goals / Sundarta Goals: These Goals enable you to make the most successful and lasting impression in every situation in life. 8. No. 1 Team Goals / Chak De Team Goals: No. 1 Team Goals makes the most of everyone’s skills to work together and achieve extraordinary results. 9. Love yourself Goals / Majja Nu Life / Masti Goals: These Goals enable you to live life to the fullest – and in the best possible situations and circumstances. 10. The ‘Big Heart’ Goals / Bada Dil Wala Goals: These Goals enable you to support, help and contribute to as many people as possible. 11. Self-Maximization Goals / Kis Hadd Tak Ja Sakte Ho Goals: Self-Maximization Goals enable you to have a personal future that is always bigger than your past. 12. Leaving A Legacy Goals / Avtaar Goals: Your Life is about unlimited growth. Lifetime Purpose Goals clarify and create the overall value and impact of your entire Life.


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