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Competition/ Success/ Business Multiplier (Set of 3) Malayalam


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‘Competition-Business-Success Multiplier’ is one of India’s finest Motivational Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach- Santosh Nair’s astounding DVD. In this world of volatility, challenges combined with hyper competition, a wise share of businessmen strictly desire to keep themselves ahead of others in the fast lane to reach the top, aspiring to become Numero Uno. Numero Uno means being ‘the first, the best and the fastest.’ The essence of being the first, the best and the fastest is understood when you realize “Who is your competition.” Mr. Nair speaks about the 10 Intangible Competitors, which are underestimated these days due to the vague and unclear market situations but if they are conquered, we will be in a better position to thrive in this volatile world and be Numero Uno. Learning to be a Numero Uno in an effective manner will help us board the bus of building a great organization. Mr. Nair enlightens us about ‘Why do entrepreneurs miss the bus?’ He beautifully elaborates the topic by differentiating between Individual v/s Enterprise, Entrepreneurship v/s Scaling up, Entrepreneurship/Leadership & Management. One of the key take away is Mr. Nair educating entrepreneurs about the various stages in the Entrepreneur Growth Cycle which all of them go though in their journey. Stage 1. Groping stage Stage 4. Reorientation Stage 2. Early success Stage 5. Corporatization Stage 3. Growth acceleration Stage 6. Liberation In each of these stages, Mr. Nair advises us about what happens and how every entrepreneur should move from one stage to another till he reaches the 6th stage & warns us, that entrepreneurs cannot stop and if they do, they will get pulled back and will finally get destroyed. Further, he says that to achieve our goals we need to focus on our strengths and delegate our weaknesses; we have to concentrate and work on our Distinct-Forte Further, this DVD helps us to identify what is the “Common Denominator of Success”. Mr. Nair talks at length about habits, he talks about purpose & how “unconditional surrender” towards the purpose is the one-point solution to sustain in this hyper competitive & ultra challenging world. Enjoy this wonderful thought provoking DVD and take charge of your future, your life, your company & your market. That’s a secret mantra, for always remaining on top up of the competition, one up in your business & hence one up in life.


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