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MLM Ka Magic (Set of 2)


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If there is a business that can make u a ‘Crorepati’ in one year, it is “Multilevel Marketing.” Hundreds and thousands of people join the MLM business everyday but there are very few who are in a position to sustain it and they are the few who make it big in life. So what is it that differentiators these people from the masses? How can you become be successful in Multilevel Marketing? How can you create the magic in MLM? In this 4 hour power-packed program, watch India’s best known Motivational and Confidence Guru, Mr. Santosh Nair answer all the above questions and unveil the 10 Commandments that are required to be adopted to create “Magic in MLM” Business. A quick run of these 10 Commandments are – 1. Keep your performance and contribution rolling higher and higher 2. Spirit of Entrepreneurship 3. Upgrade yourself and your team members 4. Develop your trust by working on your PE & PC 5. Choose Creativity & Stop Complaining 6. Be a Level 5 Leader 7. Build your career in sales & make it your profession 8. Art of Closing 9. Har Din Ek 10. Accept Rejections & Handle Objections A must watch for every networker. Having gone through these 10 Commandments, you will attain the key to unflinching, unparallel and unsurpassed success and prosperity in the MLM Business for a lifetime.


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