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Sales Productivity Multiplier (Set of 2)

Sales Productivity Multiplier (Set of 2)


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‘Sales’ is considered to be the oxygen of a business and hence improving sales is the biggest task that every business has to focus on. The best way or rather the only way to increase sales volume is to enhance the productivity of the sales force and addressing a fleet of sales professionals, Mr. Santosh Nair, the most successful Sales Guru of all times unveils several ways of improving sales productivity. Starting with the definition of productivity, he almost startles the audience by introducing a subject called “Declare Your Expiry Date” which, unlike medicines or edibles, refers to declaring the expiry of your current knowledge, attitudes, skills, habits etc. and upgrading them to new ones from time to time. Emphasizing on the importance of Time Maximization, he voices his innate inability to distinguish between day and night while in sales and shares some of the most intimate aspects of his sales career and the fundamental working habits that made him an ace at sales. “A customer first buys the salesperson, then the company and lastly the product.” Stressing on the above sales philosophy, this CD will take you through the five magic questions that every sales person must ask, which is the key to value based selling. It tours around the journey of a salesperson from being portrayed as a commodity or a product to a catalyst who helps in bringing about meaningful transformation in the lives of customers, thereby eliminating all possible competition in the market. Right from an entrepreneur to a business unit head to an insurance advisor to a networker, a sales professional or a start-up salesperson; this 4-hour power packed program is an enormous pool of insights which can transform the very meaning of sales in your life.


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