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How to take Business to the next level (Set of 2) Malayalam


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Hundreds of thousands of business ventures are launched every year. Many never get off the ground. Some grow at a slow pace and others fizzle out after a spectacular start. An individual becomes an entrepreneur to enjoy certain freedoms but as he gets absolutely involved in the business, entrepreneurship takes it’s toll and he starts losing his freedoms. As a result he gets into a Rut and becomes stagnant in his business. He gets stuck at a level, undecided about ‘how to move forward’, “How to take the business to the next level?” In this ‘5’ hour fiery talk, Mr. Santosh Nair, the most renowned Entrepreneurial Coach in India reveals the reasons as to why the above happens and shares his thoughts on the way to come out of this Rut. Starting with the importance of sharing a vision and the role the Core Purpose, Core Values, Big Hairy Audacious Goal and Vivid description play in the growing of a business, this CD takes you through the definition and characteristics of a leader; the momentum from being a Manager to becoming a Leader to an Entrepreneur; the importance of Delegation, Decentralization, Empowerment and Enablement and the four types of enterprises and where you should be amongst the four. This immense pool of entrepreneurial insights will give you the Guru Mantra to take your business to unbelievable heights.


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