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Where Eagle Dare (set of 2) English


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Today, virtually every organization faces massive transformation and changing market dynamics. Unfortunately, transformation is extraordinarily difficult and most attempts to initiate and implement the same fail; the core problem being changing the ‘mental maps’ inside each of our heads. ‘Where Eagles Dare’ is an attempt to unveil the daring acts that go in bringing about a successful organizational transformation. The senior and the top management of an enterprise nees to have a daring eye’s view from the top of the organization to successfully drive a transformation and this CD by India’s Preeminent Confidence and Motivational Guru Mr. Santosh Nair, is crafted with such thoughts. Such a dynamic transformation comes with a structured process which comprises of five stages known as ‘The Five Phases of Transformation’ starting from the Honeymoon Period to the Consolidation Period where the transformation no more remains a transformation but becomes a way of life. The first step however, is to understand why people behave the way they do and the answer to this lies in understanding the concept of 3 Selves. Further, to drive a transformation productively, one needs to Break Existing Paradigms, be a Leader, gain Confidence by understanding 5 Things That Confident People Do and Where Does Confidence Come From and this CD brings to you a package of all these fundamentals wrapped together. At the end of this four hour thought-provoking talk, you will experience a completely new transformation in your views regarding your own life and will set new and vibrant directions for the future.


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