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Success Multiplier (set of 2)


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Success Multiplier (How To Become A 10 In Life) Success doesn’t come naturally to many, and with this fiery 4 hour pep talk Mr. Santosh Nair, India’s most successful trainer – widely known as India’s preeminent Confidence, Motivational Guru and Entrepreneur Coach enlightens us on how one can become successful in every aspect of life. This CD tours around the 6 steps to be followed to be a 10 in life – Foundation/Self Improvement – the different phases in life to be worked on to become successful i.e. the learning phase, the leadership phase, the risk phase, the wealth phase, and the security phase. Mr. Nair also explains to us about the various qualities of successful people: Confidence and where does confidence come from, mainly by – 1) Understanding the conventional pre-requisites of any activity. 2) Educating people on the effective steps. 3) Continuous application with perseverance. 4) Proficiency/knack of visible progress. Understanding why people fail? Three indicators of failure 1) prima donna 2) horse of a different color 3) status quo. Ensuring Continuity of Challenge by sharpening your skills, being innovative, productive, grabbing opportunities and many more… Forming the right set of successful Habits and to form these successful habits one must have a big, continuous, sentimental and emotional Purpose. This CD is for an individual from any walk of life who wants to achieve health, wealth, success and happiness, an entrepreneur who wants to take his business to the next level, a husband and wife who want to live a successful married life and a student who aspires to become a successful man in the future.


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