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Leap For Success Part 5 (set of 2)


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Building An Unlimited Entrepreneurial Future. In this DVD, Mr. Santosh Nair focuses on the certain steps, practices, concepts and strategies required to build an unlimited entrepreneurial future and to achieve continuous renewal. Level 5 leaders – Roles and responsibilities of an executive, first level manager, manager’s manager, country level manager and business manager. Drivers – A multiple set of activities that are driven in an organization which help achieve a desired outcome. An entrepreneur may operate from the eye of a salesman, businessman or a leader. But in order to grow by leaps and bounds and to stroke phenomenal growth an entrepreneur has to operate from the eye of a businessman and then move towards the eye of a leader. Having done all this, the entrepreneur has to build the capacities required to reach his goals. The next step is execution which is nothing but acting on what has been put down as a vision that involves 5 steps i.e. locating, connecting, engaging, transacting and making customers your promoters. This is known as making people pregnant with ideas. An entrepreneur should focus only on connecting with opportunities, building leaders, communicating a business plan and expanding “partners in business” and building an enterprise’s responsiveness to risk, opportunities and investments. All the other areas should be taken care of by the centre of growth (identifying revenue generating communities), the centre of excellence (building best practices and then the next practices in the company), and the centre of profit (day to day operations of the existing business). The next step is strategic oversight where boards of directors ensure that the right things happen at the right time. Only by following the above steps, practices, concepts and strategies an entrepreneur will be able to take a quantum leap in his business and will build an unlimited entrepreneurial future for himself.


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