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Team Multiplier- (Set of 2) Surat


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Team Multiplier All leaders who achieved greatness in life, never did it alone… All the big achievements in the world, like creating self-sustaining companies, scientific inventions and discoveries, blockbuster movies, bestseller books and a whole lot of success stories have been accomplished not by one person alone, but also the team behind him. To help entrepreneurs become a star Team Multiplier, India’s leading author, Entrepreneur Coach, Motivation and Confidence Guru, Santosh Nair explores the power of a team and shares the ways of maximizing success through a team. Santosh Nair, also explains the importance of the 7- C Team-building Process that can transform you from being an ordinary team member into a Team Multiplier. A true Team Multiplier can tactfully discover and utilize every individual’s talents and skills in the team. He is a leader who has imbibed the 15 Characteristics of the Team Multiplication Process, that is: 1. Looking at the Jungle 2. Mindset Cleansing 3. Self-Proficiency 4. Shared Learning – Creating TLUs (Team Leaning Units) 5. Power of “WE” 6. Power of Vision 7. Dream Size (DS) = Team Size (TS) 8. Front Office & Back Office 9. (RP)² – Right People in the Right Place 10. Dependability 11. Magic of Scoremeter 12.TGM(P)² – Taking the 1st Step, Getting Things Done, Making it Happen & Paying the Price for what it takes to be a Team Multiplier 13. ‘PL’ (Please Leave) Policy 14. Build Reserves (12th Man) 15. Keep Investing In this DVD, you will also find inspiring visuals and videos that will empower your dream of building a great team and inspire you to live like aTeam Multiplier… Be a Team Multiplier and become a role model for all your team members!!!


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