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Paanch (5) Ka Dum


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“Success does not come by chance. It has to be earned and created for oneself so that it does not vanish with the speed that it comes.” Addressing a fleet of self-motivated and success-minded individuals, India’s most renowned Confidence and Motivational Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach, Mr. Santosh Nair unveils the 5 fundamentals/essentials of everlasting success through his latest power-packed program called “Paanch (5) Ka Dum.” 1. Future 2. Goals 3. Habits 4. Sales 5. Leadership Elaborating on each of the above fundamentals, this CD talks about taking charge of your future like a “Future Farmer“ and enlightens you with the four types of goals that Future Farmers set. It tours around the several habits that an individual needs to form to distinguish oneself from the crowd and stand a class apart. It touches the most intimate aspects of Sales, how to approach a client and “8/73” the most tried, tested and successful medicine to the biggest agony of the sales community – objection handling. The CD completes its “Paanch (5) Ka Dum” with the fifth fundamental to ever-lasting success – Leadership, highlighting the different levels of leadership and the path to reach to the top and stay there regardless of any designation/authority/power. Having gone through this pool of enormous insights, this CD will serve as a Bible for any student, teacher, employee, employer, entrepreneur or housewife to take on to the path of unflinching and unsurpassed success.


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