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What Great Leaders Do (Set of 1)


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While it is true that all great leaders are successful people, not all successful people can be called great leaders. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Have you ever paused to think what habits and characteristics makes some leaders rise above the ordinary and achieve greatness? What behaviour, abilities and ability to influence define greatness? Through this power-packed video, Santosh Nair – India’s leading Trainer and Guru of Confidence tells you what great leaders have always done to achieve greatness. Watch this SMM-ART video featuring Santosh Nair as he talks you through: • The 4 types of people and their leadership abilities • Characteristics of great leaders • The role of the ‘Success Pentagon’ in their journey towards greatness • The common attitudes and habits of all great leaders • The 10 paradoxical commandments of leadership Use the insights and ideas Santosh offers in this 2-hour video presentation to bring out your real leadership potential and put it on the path to greatness. About Santosh Nair More than half a million….(as in other VCDs)


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