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Safalta Ka Sankalp (Set of 2)

Safalta Ka Sankalp (Set of 2)


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Success is what every human being desires to achieve and some do end up achieving it, but are not in a position to sustain it for long. Continued success comes merely to few and they cannot be regarded as the lucky lot, rather these are individuals who very cautiously and consciously do certain things in a sequential manner to achieve success in their lives then sustain it for a lifetime. For such sustained success to happen, one needs to take a “Sankalp” – an unwavering vow, a pledge, a resolve, a promise, a commitment – to succeed at all times under any given circumstances. In ‘Safalta Ka Sankalp’, while addressing a fleet of Insurance Advisors, the Visionary and renowned authority on the Financial Services industry, Mr. Santosh Nair, spells out the 7 promises, commitments or resolves that an Insurance Advisor will have to make to himself in order to achieve sustained success for a lifetime. A quick run of these 7 ‘Sankalp’ are – 1. My Future is My Property 2. I will build my Confidence 3. I will always Understand the Power of Habits 4. Power of 78% 5. I will never do “Junk” 6. I will be Clear about my Main Job Purpose 7. I will always Win in Uncertain Times Having gone through this life transforming revelation you will see yourself rise from a Life Insurance Agent to a Life Insurance Advisor, a Financial Advisor, a True Wealth Advisor and finally a Life Advisor with a mere flip of a finger.


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