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Business Multiplier Plus (Set of 4)


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Business Multiplier + Business Multiplier + is a sequel to Business Multiplier. If in Business Multiplier,T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair, had introduced Rules for Breakthrough Transformational Growth; in this sequel Business Multiplier +, Mr. Nair speaks about“Rules to scale up your organization”. He goes on to add that when an Entrepreneur wants to scale his organization, he has to scale up 4 areas, namely…………… 1. Scale up hisBusiness, 2. Scale up his People 3. Scale up his organization’s Reputation 4. Scale up his organization’sBrain Power!!! Mr. Nair says that if you want to scale up in these 4 areas you have to work on 7 rules: 1. Maximize Sales 2. Change your BUSINESS MODEL 3. Have many mothers 4. Create A Great Place To Work 5. Build Your Standing/Name/Character/Status 6. Have a Coach / Consultant 7. Constitution Of A Board T.I.G.E.R. Nair says“When all these 7 rules are internalized within the organization, it is then that Break Through Transformation Growth Takes Place.” Get ready to scale up!!!


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