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Leadership Multiplier- Kerala (Set of 3) Malayalam


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“A leader is someone you choose to follow to a place you wouldn’t go by yourself.” – Joel Barker Stated above is the definition of a leader which categorizes leaders as a distinguished class of individuals. To direct ordinary individuals towards their future, help them fulfill their dreams and aspirations, explore the unexplored, build confidence, belief and courage in them and assure that they were born to be winners and will certainly win over all situations in life is the game of a leader. In this full day power-packed program, addressing over 100 entrepreneurs in Kerala, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational & Confidence Guru, Author & a Visionaryus about – – Who a leader is? – How are leaders manufactured? – Characteristics of a leader – The concept of Leadership Multipliers & Leadership Multiplication The Dvd further encompasses the 3 types of employees that exist in every organization, the 6 levels of engagement that they operate at and the 5 levels of leadership, and who is the level 5 leader that we must become in order to transform the lives of people we lead. T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair then explains about the insane and discontinuous times that a leader of today faces and in order to lead successfully in such a scenario, he explains the need to practice the 14 Predominant Leadership Lessons. These 14 Predominant Leadership Lessons are: Lesson 1: Leaders show – up Lesson 2: Leaders love the mess Lesson 3: Leaders groove on ambiguity Lesson 4: Leaders Re – do Lesson 5: Leaders make mistakes & then learn from it Lesson 6: Leaders are angry Lesson 7: Leaders ensure Optimum Understanding Lesson 8: Leaders Influence Lesson 9: Leaders don’t create followers. They create lots of leaders Lesson 10: Leaders have an appetite for life Lesson 11: Leaders love “Politics” Lesson 12: Leaders know “it’s all about sales all the time” Lesson 13: Leaders tell compelling stories & give a cause Lesson 14: Leaders know when to leave Having gone through this immense pool of leadership insights, your journey from being an ordinary person to becoming a Level 5 Leader and leading in insane and discontinuous time will commence with a mere flip of a finger and make you a role model for others to emulate.


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