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Karlo Duniya Muthi Main (Set of 1) DVD


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In this path breaking DVD “Karlo Duniya Muthi Mein” India’s latest author, pre-eminent Motivational Speaker, Confidence Guru and Entrepreneurial Coach – Santosh Nair, while addressing over 15,000 people shares some of the most thought provoking insights on conquering the world through some of the best of human behaviors. Mr. Nair speaks about the great personalities who have gloriously held the world in their palms. He speaks about the key differentiators of the Good and the Great by enlightening us on the Concept of One Time Growth versus Life Time Growth. Mr. Nair further reveals all the untold secrets of how these chosen few have soared greater heights by following all the “Stotra’s Of Lifetime Growth”: Stotra 1. The Power of the Future Stotra 2. The Power of Contribution Stotra 3. The Power of Learning Stotra 4. The Power of Performance Stotra 5. The Power of Gratitude Stotra 6. The Power of Confidence The best part of his revelation is where he shares about how these greats inspired and instructed others in life by differentiating themselves uniquely from conventional behavior, using their capabilities to reinforce in unexpected ways, the highest ideals of community, culture and civilization to become Class Acts. Mr. Nair concludes this session by recommending to us the tested ways of preparing ourselves for the long run by upgrading our Knowledge, developing the right Skills, changing our Attitudes, consciously forming good Habits and most importantly employing winning Strategies. On his finishing note he also urges us to experience unparalleled growth by employing a Professional Coach to catapult ourselves into the galaxy of the famous and the great thus announcing to the world….. “Karlo Duniya Muthi Mein”


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