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Time Multiplier (Set of 2)


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TIME MULTIPLIER “Time Management is a waste of Time.” Santosh Nair. – Do you find yourself struggling with lack of time, all the time? – Do you feel there is very little time and too much work to do in that time? – Are you desirous of spending more time with your family but cannot do so because work keeps you busy all the time? – Do you start with a work but are never able to finish it in the estimated time frame? – Has it ever happened that your entire day passes with you feeling that you haven’t done enough as per the plan for the day? – Do you feel worked up, stressed out and unhappy with yourself all the time? Is the problem really lack of time/mis-management of time? If so, then how can it be solved even using the best ‘Time Management Tools’ in the world as they surely cannot give you more than 24 hours in a day! Time is a continuous and constant phenomenon; an ephemeral concept; a diminishing asset which gets exhausted irrespective of whether you use it or not. It is autonomous; independent; flowing; keeps functioning at its fixed pace without any emotions, likes or preferences driving its actions. Can you really manage something that you have no control of? The answer is NO! What you can manage is yourself, your actions, your tasks, your priorities, your ecosystem and your life in the time that you have….but you cannot manage time. Time Multiplication therefore is not Clock Management; it is Activity Management & Life Leadership. In this 4-hour power-packed DVD, India’s preeminent Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneurial Coach and newest author, Mr. Santosh Nair enlightens all his viewers on the life transforming concept of ‘Time Multiplication’ – a successful way devised by an exceptional league of people called as ‘Time Multipliers’ to escape out of the ‘Ocean of Activities’ that we are all surrounded by and make the most of the 24 hours that we all have to achieve all our dreams, goals and purpose in life. This CD, therefore, tours around – • Definition of Time Multipliers • Definition of Time Multiplication • The 4-Center TM Model that blocks your Ocean of Activities from over flooding • The 12 Time Breakthroughs This life transforming revelation will enable you to produce higher results from the same 24hours enjoying quality of life for a lifetime.


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