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Escaping The Commoditization Trap (Set of 6) With Workbook


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Escaping the commoditization Trap – Saying goodbye to the price war The world is moving and transforming way too fast for everybody to keep up the pace with. In this state of metamorphosis, we have become more and more pressured with the 24*7 work life, high turnover of employees, there is chaos and unpredictability in life that has led to more fatigue and stress. The reason behind this can be found by looking back at the past. Until the 20th Century, the world will be divided into the Commodity Sector and the Goods Sector. Then came the 20th Century with the emergence of Service Sector. Now, the 21st Century has marked the advent of a phenomenon called as “The Experience Sector”. On one hand, while some industries and people are being commoditized, on the other hand some of them get paid exorbitantly for providing unique experiences. Therefore in this yet another revolutionary DVD covering a 2 day intense, interactive workshop – “Escaping the Commoditization Trap”, T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair, India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, King of Sales, Motivational & Confidence Guru, Author & a Visionary, shows us the path to stay away from the price wars. In this regard, he explains that the basic necessity for any entrepreneur/ insurance agent/ salesperson/ service provider… for all people is to Move your Professional Objectives to the Highest Value Level. Mr. Nair explains the 5 Levels of Value that you can provide. The different types of dialogues customers can associate with you and makes us realize which Level of Value we are currently at, vis-à-vis which level of Value should we ideally provide. However, in this increasingly complex and competitive world, in order to remain in business, we become commoditized. To make the topic clearer, Mr. Nair clarifies: – What is a commodity? – What is commoditization? – Why is commoditization happening? The 8 forces that cause commoditization are explained in detail so that we become aware and alert enough to avoid them further. To escape the commoditization trap,the only way is to provide “Customized Unique Experiences”. “Customized Unique Experiences” can be provided by 1st Creating Value and then Combining it with your Wisdom. To Create Value, Mr. Nair describes the 3 ways in which you can add value to people.Further, he also shares with us the 2 very important value creation tools that can help you transform anybody’s life. The 2 value creation tools are the following parts of the RMI (Relationship Multiplication Instrument): 1. The RMI Question 2. The RMI Game Plan The second step towards creating Customized Unique Experiences is combining the inferences from Value Creation with Wisdom. To understand this better, Mr. Nair takes us through: – What is wisdom? – How do you become wise? – The number of hours of wisdom you have accumulated? He then explains how we give away this wisdom for free every now and then since we value our products/ services/ processes and consider our wisdom only as a stepping stone to sell the product/ service/ process. This way we become a Commoditized Salesperson/ entrepreneur and follow a Commoditized Sales Process. Mr. Nair enlightens us by answering the following questions: – Who is a Commoditized Salesperson/ entrepreneur? – What is the Commoditized Sales Process? – Why do we fall into this commodity sales process trap? – Therefore, what is the danger of continuing like this? Finally, with a number of real life examples from across industries, Mr. Nair explains to us: – What is a Distinct Value Creation Process? – How to Charge for it? – What are the Steps to Create a Distinct Value Creation Process? – How to make your own Distinct Value Creation Process? In addition to this, he also highlights: – The meaning of “The Cash Multiplication Farm” – The 3 sources of income you will open up when using your Distinct Value Creation Process – The way to earn double profits – To take care of your overheads even without selling the actual product/ service/ process you deal in. Having gone through this intense program, enlightening you about how not to get commoditized, if you make your own Distinct Value Creation Process, you will live the life of an independent entrepreneur who multiplies relationships, revenue and growth without any pressure of reducing your prices/ fees. So, grab your copy of this DVD, follow its contents and Say No to Commoditization.


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