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Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make In Sales (set of 2)


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In all small and medium scale enterprises, sales continues to remain the Entrepreneur’s domain and what endorses him as the sole salesman of his company is his belief that selling is an art and not a science and hence cannot be duplicated by or infused into a fleet of manufactured sales people. The fact, however, is that sales is not only an art but also a science and is backed with certain scientific steps; the understanding and mastering of which can make a layman an ace sales person. In this four hour power packed talk, the highly regarded sales guru of the nation Mr. Santosh Nair, unleashes the true meaning of sales and draws the attention of all entrepreneurs to general mistakes that they make in sales, the most evident one being the negligence to develop a sales team. Again, selling on credit can sometimes become more of a concern to an entrepreneur than no sales at all. For all those trapped in this vicious circle, here is an exclusive take on the art of payment collection following which recovery of long held outstanding will commence with the mere flip of a finger. Thus, starting with an intense discussion on the concept of Elevator speech which is a 20 second opening dialogue used as an introduction of the company to break the ice in a conversation and stimulate the listener to know more about the business of the speaker, this program will take you through the six scientific steps of sales that originate from the most effective sales formula called SPANCO.  Suspecting  Prospecting  Approach  Negotiation  Closing  Order This CD will enlighten all the viewers about the structured process of approaching big corporates and throw light on the personality and dialogues that need to be developed before entering the cabin of a corporate MD. It tours around the “Sales Burger” concept of presenting your product in a Feature-Advantage-Benefit form and concludes with the five types of customer attitudes that a salesman on duty experiences, underlining the various ways to play with it.  Acceptance  Skepticism  Indifference  Stalling  Objection Having gone through this immense pool of sales insights, an entrepreneur will be able to sell an ice cube to an Eskimo.


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